Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2yr olds, baseball bats and yoga mats.....

My Alivia Joan is 27 and a half months old (2yr. 3months). We have hit the independent, self reliant, some times bossy, very sweet, loving, happy, curious, cranky, giggly, exploring, singing and dancing age! To wrap it up in a small package she is wonderful. I will say though, with the boys and Gracie at time it seemed a lot easier to have them all 3 in that age group together. One toddler alone can be exhausting : ) My day consist of "momma help" one min. then "NO.. I do it" the next, every thing from getting into the car and doing her own seat belt to getting herself down from the table and putting her plate/bowl into the sink! She is very much her own person and nothing in this world is going to keep her feet from moving forward. Most of the time I really have no issues with it but what we are running late due to my poor time management and she is losing it over her car seat buckle I admit I too feel like losing it!!! We are getting through it most days.....
I love this age, she is really so much fun! She is such a good girl Josh looked at me the other day and said "if I could have a guarantee all babies were this good, we would have more." Say what?! LOl a bit to late babe, sorry!

Our family has now moved from our winter sport of wrestling to our spring sport of base/softball. Josh had originally planned on coaching the boys but due to low numbers wasn't able to but then was asked to coach a softball team (Gracie's). I honestly enjoy being a coaches wife, and he is good at it and it makes him happy.
People think we are nuts for being busy, we get comments ALL the time like "man, your crazy" or "you poor thing, always going and doing". So I will say it and put it out there, yes we are busy, yes we like it, no my kids don't suffer from it and no it does not keep us from being a family. We spend 5 to 7 nights a week together.
We had 2 weeks between wrestling and baseball and we enjoyed it but really we got board! LOL It is what works for us and THAT is what matters! The kids play, Josh coaches, Alli is the team mascot and I am the bus driver/meal planner/equipment manager/uniform launder/and so on.... My most favorite thing about the base/softball season is that though it is crazy cold and nasty now, by the time it is over we are in tank tops and eating ice cream!!!

Josh & I have almost finished our 1st month of our "life change" (eating right, working out, loosing weight and feeling good). I know that when people look at me they most likely don't (yet) see the changes in me BUT they are there. I feel stronger, more balanced, happier and smaller. I am still wearing the same sizes but they are fitting different : ) I love working out with Josh in the morning. One of my favorites is the yoga and the kempo!!! The exercise is fun, hard but fun! In a week we do our 1 month photos and weight so we will bee then what is really going on.

Last note, I am thrilled for a dear friend of mine to be moving closer to me! She is such a wonderful mother and she inspires me to be a better mom myself. I can't wait to be able to have the blessing of spending more time withe her and our girls growing up together : )

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