Thursday, June 30, 2011

My crispy is about to get a little more crunky.......

Life is moving along in the fast lane here in the Sawicki house........ As always!

Base/softball wrapped up a few weeks ago and though I love being at the ball park and watching my kids & husband on the field I am really happy that this season is over! With Josh coaching Gracie, Maxx & Myles being on separate teams and being down to one car during it all. It was just to much to handle!!! BUT I am already looking forward to next year...... LOL

We got the kids report cards in the mail the other day and I couldn't be any more proud! They all ended the year with high remarks and wonderful comments from their teachers. Josh & I feel blessed to have such great kids : )
That being said......
Last year at the start of summer I pondered the thought of home schooling and felt after a few weeks that it was just NOT for me! I know many women that home school and make it look so easy and great, but I just felt that I didn't have what it takes. So ours kids went to school yet again and in the back of my mind I felt unsure of my decision.
So here we are, school is over, summer is starting, and...... not only am I considering home schooling but so is Josh! With the way things have been going in our world lately we both feel that though the teachers are doing a wonderful job at teaching our kids what the schools are allowing them to teach. It is the things they aren't teaching them that bother us! We want our kids to get MORE then what they can/are getting from a class room. I am not saying any thing bad about the schools or teachers here, this is a decision that we have been praying over and tossing around in our heads for a while.
Josh & I want our kids to be able to grow beyond the pre-folded box that the school systems have made for them and be able to be "out of the box" thinkers and doers! We have more feelings that run deeper on the subject but unless you directly ask me about them this is were I will leave it for now.

As of last night we have decided to give home schooling a try.....
Am I nervous? YES!
Do I know what we are getting into? NO, not really!
Do I believe this is with God's blessing? YES!
Is it going to be hard? YES!!!!!
But the things I am sure about is that Josh & I made this decision together to support each other in this and do what we feel is going to benefit our kids in the up most way.

Oh wait! How do the kids feel about this???? They are thrilled! We have talked & talked about this with them making sure they ALL know what this means and they are so on board with it. It just reassures me that this is God's will for our family.

Now we have so many questions and things to figure out. We have to get the family room set up for a class room and I need prayers and any bits of advice!!!

Really I am excited about it and looking forward to the blessings it will bring!

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