Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dream birth

I felt compelled to post my feelings about birth (my birth) tonight on a facebook page I am a fan of. It is a page focused on birth with out fear, some thing I wholeheartedly believe in!!! this was my post and how I feel.
I am a mother of 4 (all c-sec) and each of my babies birth stories are very different from one another. Though they all ended in a c-sec it was honestly never MY choice.... As young as I can remember all I ever wanted was to be a mother (I was the 12yr old walking through the mall with a cabbage patch kid swaddled in a blanky)! Along with this dream came the excitement for birthing my children, I never feared it!
At 22yr I had my first baby and that bubble was popped, here I was a young military momma and I had NO ONE in my corner giving me the advise, encouragement, and most of all the confidence to go against what I was being told was right vs. what I KNEW my body could do if given the chance! Sadly because I had one c-sec I was told from day one that #2 would have to most likely be the same (that was a midwife, I was trying for a v-bac!) then #3 they told me I was out of my mind to even consider a v-bac, by #4 I had crushed my dream of birthing a baby rather then it being ripped out of me in a cold sterile room.

Now I am done having babies but the fight in me for momma's to KNOW all the facts, feel supported and realize that they can say no, ask questions and be supported in their decision of birth WHAT EVER THAT IS it as strong as ever! I wasn't given that chance and I mourn the loss of that dream every day....
Thank God for there being women focused on education, support, and encouraging women to not be afraid of birth but to be strong, go for your dream birth!!!

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stayathomedivamom said...

Proud of you girl! It really is turning lemons into lemonade to take your experiences and use them to educate, support, and help other mother's have a different experience than you did :) Maybe you'll get a homebirth in heaven??? LOL!