Monday, May 16, 2011

Sugar, gardening, babies & other addicting habbits......

I am so excited to have my "lil pinky" (pink little laptop) back up & running!!! Like many of the broken things around my house they have to wait in a government length line before getting proper attention and being fixed. LOL It is not that my man can't or wont fix them it is just that there is really never time.
His day goes some thing like this...
5:00 am- alarm goes off
5:10 am- snooze
5:20 am- snooze
5:30 am- finally out of bed
6:00 am- get to work
2:00 pm - leave work
2:15 pm - home
2:30 pm - P90X (work out with me)!
3:40 pm - run out door to get boys from school
4:00 pm - back with boys
4:05 pm - home work/get caught up on days events
4:30 pm - get ready for base/softball
4:45 pm - out the door to game and/or practices
on average the games are 6-8 but Maxx does have games till 10:00pm some nights!!!
8:30 pm - all showered
9:00 pm - ALL KIDS IN BED!!!
9 - 11pm - Josh & I sit staring blankly at TV & computer to exhausted for "married" time or even meaningful conversation....
11:00 pm - go to bed
11:01 pm - OUT LIKE A LIGHT!!!

So how could he get any thing else done?! I know there are people that think we are crazy, insane and nuts. The truth is some times we are!!! We talk about this often and question ourselves at times but this is what our kids like and we do too. Josh too LOVED playing sports as a child and wanted nothing more then to have his family there in the stands cheering him on. So now that his kids are choosing (it is always their choice) to play sports he is determined to be on the field or in the stands and ALWAYS supporting them. They could choose to play (cough... choke, wink, wink) soccer of all things and he would pull through his horror and cheer them on.
: ) He is a great dad and I love his devotion to supporting his kids!

On to my addition......

Hello my name is Amber and I'm a sugarholic.
In my some what recent decision to take my weight serious and get healthy I had to evaluate my diet/eating habits. I realized that there was some things that had to GO..... pop aka soda-gone, fast food-see ya, easy ready to cook processed food-wont miss it, sodium-don't need it, but sugar....? Sweet, yummy, white, brown, powdered sugar!? Oh now that is another story!!! I can cut it WAY back, almost to nothing and then BAM it calls to me from a maple donut or a choco cup cake with pink icing. I walk by it eyes focusing on a juicy, sweet, crisp apple and tell it "no baby, I only have eyes for you. I promise!" LIES...... I sit on a mountain of lies. Poor apple, it never had a chance, all it wants to do is be faithful and love me but I go and cheat on it with a spoon in the frosting jar! "sob, sob"
Never the less I go on after each fling or affair and reset my thinking with a new attitude! One day I will prove myself to you apple, we will be together. don't give up on me yet!

BABIES...... I love them almost as much as sugar ; )
Josh & I have closed the baby making shop, locked the door and walked away but I can't help it...... Alivia is 2 and I have baby fever! I know it will pass but I am obsessed. I will see a prego momma and my hand will subconsciously rub my belly, I will hear one cry in a store and get the urge to nurse, I see a new momma 3 days deep in sleepless nights and I want to "rescue" her by "borrowing" her baby for a day, month or year! It is a sick problem...... one I know I will get over some day, I hope! In the mean time I will snuggle the love-O-lishes Evie and all the other sweet smelling babies in my life : )) Don't worry, I wont go taking one. Josh would only make me give it back any ways! ; )

Well I was going to touch on gardening but this post has given me
carpal tunnel so I'll touch on that next time, now that lil pinky is back in service!!!

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