Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting started.....

I use to blog about 3yr. ago but when I got pregnant with our 4th it was one of the few things that kinda got lost in the mess of life. I loved doing it when I did, it seems to me that my life is a fun, crazy, mess and I love sharing that!!!
I have been thinking about getting back into to blogging for some time now and to be honest I simply haven't because a close friend of mine blogs (quite well I might add) and I didn't want her to think I was copying her..... LOL silly, I know! I talked to her about it, she is good. : )

So to catch you up as simply as I can. In April of 2009 (last year) my dad committed suicide leaving my mother completely broke, homeless, and alone....... basically on our door step. She moved into our 3bd. 2bth. with a rec. room, that we have made into her room house! It can be crazy around here at times but that's our life.

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stayathomedivamom said...

Welcome back to blogging:) Love you!