Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yesterday .......

So my baby boy, my first born turned 11yr old yesterday! We had a great weekend and birthday, he went to his first Seahawks game last weekend with his Daddy, a family party on Sun. and then yesterday daddy made his 11 pancake for breakfast, his goof friend came over, I made cupcakes for his football teem then we had a very delicious dinner and opened presents. He went to bed a happy little....... big boy!

Here's the lemons..........
The only gift he really wanted was a PSP game thing. Now for those that don't know they run brand new about $200.00 and games are $20.00 - $50.00, YIKES! There is know way we can afford that. As a mother and father all we want is to create a healthy, happy, safe place for them and also to give them the things they truly desire. Now some times that's not always the best for them, I get that but when it is all they have talked about for a year and they are a good kid with such a great attitude about things (most of the time) as a parent you do what you can. Maxx is the kind of kid that name brand matters to him. I am thinking he gets this from his daddy cause I sure as heck am not like that. As I write this I am sporting a $2.00 T-shirt from Walmart! LOL But my son Maxx is...... he wanted Micheal Jordan ($100.00) shoes for school!!! His clothes have to be a certain way and brands, his shoes, clothes, tooth paste & tooth brush. The others aren't like this, they are fine with what ever as long as it isn't "dorky". With four kids Josh and I do what we can but money is tight, very tight! We pretty much keep even, and that is a stretch.....
Because of this we have to do a lot of praying and getting creative.

Here's the meringue.........

I first and far most give my gratitude to the Lord, he has NEVER let us down and he never will!!!
Last payday I took the boys out for school shoes, not really having much to spend BUT it had to be done. We went to Ross (thank God for Ross), before we went into the store I told the boys "$20.00 bucks, that's all I can afford!" they excepted that and we went in. As we were looking I came across a pair of black Micheal Jordan's, they were the wrong size so I didn't say any thing and said a little prayer. We found Myles a pair he really liked, some black & white high top Converse skate boarder shoes for $15.00. I kept my eye out for another pair of Jordan's but so far no luck, we came across a pair he said was ok but I could tell he wasn't thrilled! Just when I was about to give up there on the top shelf in an area that was off to the side was a pair of all black Micheal Jordan's in his size. They were $21.99 but with the money I saved with Myles's shoes it worked out!!! I was even saving money : ) God provides!!!

Later when we got home Josh informed me that he found a PSP on craigslist for $100.00!!! He was waiting to get a call back so we were still holding our breath. A $100.00 is about what we have set as what we can spend on their birthdays at this time in our life so this was possibly the answer. When we got the call back it was a young teen "gamer" that said he had out grown it and hadn't touched it in moths. He was selling with all the original packaging and....... 8 GAMES!!!
He wanted to meet Josh in Gorst so off Josh went. When he got back I couldn't believe what a deal we got it for, it looked brand new and had EVERY THING it needed including a carrying case! The next day we surprised Maxx with tickets to his first

Seahawks game, another complete blessing from the Lord. Josh has a good buddy at work that has season tickets to the Hawks. He doesn't like to sell the tickets he can't make it to the games on, instead he likes to give them to people and he happened to ask Josh if he would like the tickets..... Duh!!! So for the cost of the ferry (walking) a couple hot dogs from an out side vendor and a soda, Maxx got to go to his first ever Seahawks game! Some thing he will NEVER forget : )
Again, God is too good!

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stayathomedivamom said...

Such a great post! It's encouraging to the whole family of believers when God shows up in these very real, tangible ways :)
Love you!